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NZ Household Savings Not So Puny, After All

February 28th, 2013

NZers are not poor savers after all. The Reserve Bank is understood to have completed work, leading to new figures which show household wealth is higher by 25% than previously measured. The reworked figures put NZ not as an outlier among developed nations for its low rate of savings but more in the mainstream.

For the best part of a generation it’s been part of the NZ economic story that Kiwis focus on housing as their main form of saving, but the revelation household wealth, following a re-estimation of non-housing assets , is more evenly balanced between property and other assets, will have implications for several major areas of Govt policy ranging from retirement to housing needs.

As a result of the information from the RBNZ, Finance Minister Bill English has Treasury testing the figures and reviewing the implications.

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