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Critical for NZ to seize Agri-Business opportunities

April 4th, 2012

NZ is world class in a number of facets along the agri-business supply chain, and in the delivery of perishable products in distant markets. Other countries will need such services and expertise.

The FTAs NZ has pursued with such vigour are the key which will unlock the door for NZ ahead of many competitors and help it capture the benefits of cross-border trade in food and other products and services. ANZ Bank economists point out there are also tensions; unlocking a renewable endowment is not easy.

One area of strategic excellence cannot undermine another such as tourism. The rebalancing of the NZ economy from a spend-centric model to a more balanced growth model means renewable endowments must be used sensibly. “ It is critical we embrace the opportunities being offered, for the more you pull an income-generating lever – and our natural endowment represents a huge lever to pull – the less pressure there is for austerity to pay back the years of living beyond our means.”

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