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Trans Tasman 2014 Roll Call

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Economic Debate – Who Should Fund Research?

Announcements of funding for new science research programmes inevitably are accompanied by glowing references to the economic good the money will do. Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce last month announced $139m over six years would be invested in biological industries, high-value manufacturing and services, energy and minerals, environmental, and health and society sectors. He […]

Economic Debate – Headwinds May Be Stiffening

Economic growth was among the tailwinds assisting National to a comfortable election victory at the weekend, the Waikato Times observed. The urge to change tack tends to be weak when a brisk pace is being maintained and data published two days before election day showed economic activity was enough to generate 3.5% GDP growth in […]

Economic Debate – Capital Gains, Rights And Wrongs

The NZIER tossed a spanner in the works of Labour’s electioneering when it produced a report (at the behest of Federated Farmers) on the impact of a capital gains tax and the implications for farmers. The report was blunt: Labour’s CGT would not be a good addition to NZ’s tax mix; it would do little […]

Economic Debate – The Need for Stiffer Competition

The Annual Enterprise Survey, Statistics NZ’s most comprehensive source of financial statistics, provides annual financial performance and position information about businesses operating in NZ. But scant media attention was paid to the latest report, perhaps because it covers the 2013 financial year and things have picked up since then: GDP growth of 2.2% in 2012/13 […]

Economic Debate – Should Foreigners Buy NZ Firms?

The proposed sale of the 13,800ha Lochinver Station, near Taupo to Shanghai Pengxin, which bought the Crafar Farms in a joint venture with Landcorp, reignited the political debate about foreign investment and purchases of Kiwi land. Labour has promised to block the sale if it is not approved before the September 20 election and stop […]

Economic Debate – The Allure Of Tax Cuts

In its Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Update, the Treasury revised its growth forecasts over the next year or two downwards. Accordingly, just three months after presenting its Budget forecasts, it shrank its tax revenue expectations and the size of future budget surpluses. Moreover the public debt is now projected to peak at $67.9bn in 2018 […]

Economic Debate – How Do We Boost Exports?

Two years ago the Govt presented a progress report on its work to help boost NZ’s export opportunities and build sustained economic growth. It set an ambitious goal, to lift exports from 30% to 40% of GDP by 2025. This would require “a concerted effort” to encourage investors to develop more internationally competitive businesses, in […]

Economic Debate – Let’s Talk About Tax

Radio NZ reports tax is shaping up again as one of the defining issues of the election campaign. One issue on which the major parties disagree is the need for a comprehensive capital gains tax. The scheme promoted by Labour would not be retrospective, but would exclude the family home, and gains and losses would […]

Economic Debate – Experts Reach A Consensus On Austerity

Austerity measures and whether they deliver the goods are still being discussed in Europe and the US. Greece is set to emerge from recession after being rescued by an international bailout four years ago and being subjected to stiff austerity measures. Ireland looks ready to switch from deep austerity measures, too. But arguing about austerity […]

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