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Archive for August, 2010

Tax: Income Splitting Bill Has A Doubtful Future

Peter Dunne has finally managed to get his income splitting Bill into Parliament but it’s far from a done deal and its future rests with the not-so-tender mercies of a Govt strapped for cash. Income splitting has been United Future policy for years but Dunne has never been able to persuade Labour or National to […]

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NZ Politics: ACT’s Home-Grown Demolition Job

For a party just inside the margin of error, ACT isn’t handling itself too well right now. Leader Rodney Hide’s refusal to say anything about the dumping of his deputy Heather Roy on Tuesday has left Parliament seething with rumours about faction fighting which suggest a bleak future for its five MPs. The prevailing belief […]

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Superannuation: Making People Save More – A Matter Of Time

Compulsory superannuation is a policy whose time has come, and this time National and Labour aren’t tearing each other apart over it. As the Govt moves to appoint an expert panel to investigate all aspects of retirement income, John Key is laying out compelling reasons why NZers must save more. He insists no decisions have […]

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Economic Debate – Why The Patchy Recovery?

Finance Minister Bill English, buttressing business confidence in his policies, assured the NZ Council for Infrastructure Development yesterday the Govt remains focused on building a sustainable long-term recovery which will be “quite different” from recoveries traditionally experienced. It’s a laudable aim. But the recovery will be “patchy at times” because of the uncertain global environment […]

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Political Ideology: Key Shifts Right – Is It A Lurch Or A Plan?

This more fertile ground for Labour has largely been gifted by the Govt itself. A flurry of recent developments in social policy – particularly the controversial social housing and social welfare advisory group reports – give the sense this is a National Govt trying to re-find its centre-right roots. With its internal polling showing unflaggingly […]

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NZ Politics: Government Stumbles As problems Mount

With just over a year to go before the Govt faces an election it has a raft of problems to deal with and in Parliament there’s a feeling it has started to stumble. Labour is claiming a mood swing it believes will start to drive down National’s high poll ratings, while after months of stagnation […]

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Techonology: Joyce’s Broadband Gamble On Track For Xmas Result

The rubber meets the road on the Govt’s ultra-fast broadband initiative now 15 revised bids have been lodged with Crown Fibre Holdings. The most significant change from the first round of bids is Telecom bowing to political pressure and confirming it will go through the expensive, risky and transforming process of separating its fibre business […]

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Labour Party: Could Labour Face Another Left-Right Nightmare?

Andrew Little is a union hard-liner and Carter’s assertion there would be a backlash against Goff’s attitude to the Govt’s proposal to allow workers to trade in their fourth week of leave has started a whispering campaign about whether the party President and its leader can live comfortably together. In a radio interview Goff said […]

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Carter Saga: A Dangerous Volley From A Loose Cannon

Labour MP Chris Carter’s bizarre attack on party leader Phil Goff has thrown the party into a crisis which isn’t going to be easy to shut down. His anonymous letters were delivered to press gallery offices just hours after Trans Tasman went to press last Thursday and developments have been closely tracked since then. Carter, […]

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Economic Debate – Do We Raise The Super Age?

The 1972-75 Labour Govt introduced a compulsory savings scheme which required people to provide for their own retirement income. The Muldoon Govt scrapped it late in 1975 and introduced a taxpayer-funded scheme which gave a married couple a generous pension equal to 80% of the average wage from age 60 without any form of means […]

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Foreign Investment: Land Sales To Foreigners A Political Hot Potato

The Govt has given the strongest indication so far the review of the overseas investment regime will consider ways to stop foreigners buying large tracts of NZ farmland. It’s a political hot potato since Hong Kong-based Natural Dairy put in a bid to buy the big Crafar farms and John Key says it’s likely to […]

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Leadership: The Tough Decisions – Is Key Leading Or Being Led?

The Govt’s obsession with “safety first” is raising questions about its willingness to make hard calls. Ministerial reluctance to do anything without demonstrable evidence of overwhelming public support now seems to have seeped into the decision-making process and opposition MPs are starting to question National’s commitment to anything other than avoiding upsetting voters. From blood […]

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