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Archive for November, 2009

NZ Emissions Strategy: Govt Takes A Hammering ON ETS Deal

The Govt’s stellar poll ratings have taken a dip. In the latest Roy Morgan poll it is down from 55% to 51%, as it takes a hit over its Emissions Trading Scheme and wheeling and dealing over it with Maori interests. Before this Rodney Hide’s perks imbroglio, and Hone Harawira’s attempt at political self-immolation damaged […]

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NZ Economy: Economic Debate – Is The ETS Really The Best Alternative?

It’s of academic interest only now, in a week when the Govt has rushed to ram an extensively modified, highly contentious and economically bothersome version of the emissions trading scheme into law. But a paper from the Centre for Independent Studies earlier this year, Emissions Tax: The Least Worst Option, said an emissions trading system […]

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NZ Foreign Relations: Next Task – Mending Relations With The EU

After attending meetings with other Commonwealth Foreign Ministers in Trinidad Murray McCully, has scheduled an extensive tour of European capitals in an effort to breath fresh life into the effort to reach a comprehensive partnership arrangement with the EU. The partnership concept has been on the table for some time, but had been left in […]

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NZ Trade Relations: TPP Trade Gains For NZ Could Be “Huge”

Evidence relations with the US are deepening in a way which could not have been foreseen just months ago can be detected in different areas. Intelligence exchanges have been tightened, the security relationship is taking a different shape, and last week President Obama confirmed the US, after a protracted review, will join negotiations for the […]

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NZ Foreign Policy: NZ Swings Back Into Washington Favour

NZ, which for so long was in Washington’s dog-box, is now top of the pops with the Obama administration. Ironically it’s because of NZ’s anti-nuclear policy. The irony is not lost on senior members of the National Party which opposed so strenuously the then Labour Govt’s nuclear policy declaration more than 20 years ago leading […]

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NZ Economic Planning: Govt Staunch On Economy, Resists Pressure To Be Radical

With Sir Roger Douglas about to unveil his alternative budget, and business lobbyists demanding action on the Govt’s transformatory policies, fresh pressure is mounting on the Govt to start showing its hand on measures it has pledged will lift NZ’s rate of growth. Sir Roger says if he were Finance Minister he would immediately make […]

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NZ Economic Focus: What To Do About Future Spending

Baby-boomers have much to fret about, despite signs of an economic improvement. Their prospects of enjoying the same Super deal as today’s over-65s have been badly dented by the Treasury’s latest statement on the Govt’s long-term fiscal position, which peers 40 years into the future and warns we must hoist taxes or debt to keep […]

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NZ Diplomatic Strategy: NZ Diplomacy Gets A New Focus

After an intensive round of diplomacy in Asia, John Key and Foreign Minister Murray McCully are convinced NZ’s diplomacy should be re-engineered, with more effort going into the region, and some downsizing elsewhere. Key says NZ has greater “relevance” in Asia. “The growth in our markets and our opportunities are in Asia. Are we really […]

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