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Treasury’s Message Mis-Read?

Treasury has been caned by some commentators for what they see as its increasingly out-dated prescription for dealing with economic ill-health. There is even some suggestion Finance Minister Bill English in rejecting Treasury’s ideas on a capital gain tax, increasing GST and longer term a cut in national super rejected the briefing. But in fact […]

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Value For Money Missing In Many Govt Programmes

One of the most startling statements in briefings to Ministers came in Treasury’s revelation the public sector “is struggling to provide assurances on performance and value for money.” For several years private sector lobby groups have questioned whether the Govt was getting value for money in many new spending programmes. The confirmation from the Govt’s […]

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Economic Debate – Growth Drivers Too Hot To Handle?

We must hark back to the 1980s Lange Govt to find tax reforms seriously aimed at promoting economic efficiency and growth by encouraging businesses and households to make decisions on their economic merits rather than for tax purposes. A much improved economic framework resulted from trade liberalisation, the elimination of agricultural subsidies, those tax measures […]

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